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Best construction chemical Manufacturer in India - Vivid India Chemicals


Vivid India Chemicals

Construction chemicals are chemical industries that use cement, concrete or other materials to hold the construction material together.
Construction chemicals have become one of the most important parts of the chemical industry to develop the infrastructure.
The chemical market can be categorised into four main components. Construction chemicals are used at a large scale in the construction of residential, commercial and infrastructure projects.


1. Concrete admixtures
2. Asphalt modifiers
3. Adhesives and sealants
4. Protective coatings


Vivid India Chemical was the first chemical factory that manufactured the best Construction Chemicals in India.
Vivid as the name says, we are always thinking to find out the best for the box with Practical, Implementable and Low Cost solutions for a wide variety of Construction Chemicals. We have continuously invested in the research of our chemicals to improve their Functionality & Results.


We promise to give the maximum satisfaction to its customers for all Products in terms of Quality and Service. Whether you are Designing or Building a new structure or renovating an existing building, create an envelope of buildings and protection with best Construction Chemicals Products in India by Vivid India Chemicals. All Products used by us are Eco friendly. As per British Standards and Health Friendly. Variant Quantities as per the needs and requirements of the customers. We provide the marketing lead rates.


Chemical manufacturing in India is highly diversified. Covering more than 90,000 products of daily use. The Chemicals are classified into Bulk chemicals, agrochemicals, petrochemicals, polymers and fertilisers. Construction chemicals are basically used to improve the strength, workability and durability and other properties of construction material. It encompasses waterproofing chemicals, sealants, and adhesives, protective coating, and asphalts additives.


In order to increase the foreign direct investment in the country, they are supporting the construction industry. Therefore, infrastructure projects are started by the government, which increases the demand of construction chemicals over the upcoming years.


There are four main activities performed in construction chemical industries:

1. Waterproofing chemicals
2. Heat resistant paints
3. Paints and protective coating
4. Anti Shora treatment

Following are the brief information regarding these chemical treatments of construction:

1. Waterproofing Chemicals

No building is impervious to water damage. Even the strongest concrete suffers from erosion due to elements. This will decrease the value of your property but also affect the structural integrity.

Chemical waterproofing will help you to stay away from these effects. This will save you from industrial structures and put your business on track. The type of waterproofing for your building depends on the type of your building and the work you are doing. For this you need to consult the industry specialist to guide in choosing the proper chemical waterproofing and conduct the safe working.

2. Heat Resistant paints/ Thermal Paints

Thermal Paints coating products that are temperature sensitive. They generate the visual surface temperature irreversibly. This is the most important tool to get the proper analysis of high temperature materials close to their maximum temperature capabilities.

3. Paints and Protective Coatings

A protective coating is the method of a less reactive element on high reactive metal. For example, the zinc coating on steel. They react with the atmosphere more readily as compared to steel, thus, helps to prevent the oxidation of steel.

A protective coating is the painting of, spraying of, plating of or even welding of material. Polymer coatings are commonly done by sprayed on. Zinc protective coatings are done by the electroplating or hot dipping method.

4. Anti Shora treatment

It starts with salt. Salts are found in construction materials such as brick, mortar, cement, lime, sand, clay, admixtures, and backing materials, etc.

Typical efflorescence is white but can vary in colour, including yellow or brown, depending on the salt and accompanying chemicals. Common salts include calcium sulphate, sodium sulphate, potassium sulphate, vanadyl sulphate, calcium carbonate, sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate, and manganese oxide.


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28 May 2022