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Best Heat Resistant Paints Manufacturer in India


Heat Resistant Paints Manufacturer

As all people known, India is starting to coming the dry season, some parts of country have temperature crisis.

It was the first time ever recorded in the history of India, the temperature reached above 45 degree celsius. According to the data released by the India Meteorological department, on April 28, 2022, the maximum daily temperature in India reached upto 45 degree celsius which was recorded in Gurugram, Haryana.



Due to this drastic change in temperature, the public is advised to be aware of hot temperatures during the day and take care of the body, especially for those who have so many outdoor activities. Not only outdoors, hot temperatures also make the house members complain because it is hot, uncomfortable and irritating. For the house member, these are several things that make the house feeling hot and stifling such as:

● The houses face west and are exposed to the sun from noon to the evening, so that the walls absorb heat until the evening.

● The structure of the house hook makes the house more exposed to the sun from two directions.

● The structure of the house has a low ceiling, many electronic devices in the house and a lot of messy furniture.

● There is no greenery around the house.

● House roofs absorb heat such as metal roofs.


A comfortable and cool house is the dream of many people so that they can do their work and spend some joyful time with their family at home. In addition to fixing the heat problems, such as adjusting the distance between the ceiling heights, increasing ventilation, rearranging the house and planting multiple trees. Another way to decrease the heat is to use Heat resistant paint.

Vivid India Chemical manufacturer is a prominent manufacturer of Heat reflective Wall Paints. Heat Resistant wall paints are specially designed in such an incredible manner that helps in reducing temperature of roofing material. Heat Resistant Wall Paints can be used on both roofs as well as outer walls. Our Heat resistant wall paint is widely used by various industrial and commercial projects.

Get the best heat resistant paints in just one click. We have experts and experienced persons for all your problems.


18 July 2022