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C-Max Waterproofing Chemicals for Construction


C-Max Waterproofing Chemical

Building your own house is a dream of every individual or family and we have dedicated more than 39 years to help numerous families fulfil this dream. As technology went on to achieve greater heights, our scientists adapted this growth and introduced some of the most effective and efficient constructions chemicals. C-Max waterproofing chemical for construction is one such prime construction product which is provided by Vivid India Chemicals.


We are all acquaintance with the water leakage problem in the housing complexes, offices and other major residentials or commercial infrastructures and despite the advancement in science and technology, very few are aware of the most trusted and viable solution like C-Max. Therefore, today, Vivid India Chemicals are here to inform you about our best-in-class product, C-Max, an unique and affordable solution to your leakage problem.

C-Max is an essential polymeric additive for cement which helps in optimal utilization of every grain of cement by increasing its surface area. It not only helps in increasing the surface area but also improves the density and binds the cement strongly together due to this, it is one of the best water proofing chemical present in the market today. C-Max is a proprietary chemical of SRL and was curated with the assistance of Dr. Velker In der Wiesche, Germany. It a well-structured combination of nano ceramics and micro fine minerals which strengthens the cement and helps a lot in water proofing.

It is not just that it helps in water-proofing and appropriate usage of cement for your construction needs but it also plays a major role in reducing water consumption during formation of cement for the infrastructure. C-Max binds every grain of cement and completes all the gaps present in the mix, which results in less water usage and a strong cement mix for the construction. One of the most amazing characteristic of C-Mac is that, it helps a huge deal when it comes to cost savings, as it helps in increasing the density of the cement and covering up a bigger area, which automatically helps in less usage of cement, thus, becoming both an effective and efficient choice for builders.

The best part of C-Max is its minimal usage and maximum output. Only 1% of the total cement required and voila! , it will give you astonishing results and durability for many years to come. C-Max is not only cost efficient but also, time saving as it improves the de-shuttering process and with the help of C-Max, it can be completed within 15-16 days, that means 5 days less than the normal duration. It makes the cement concrete quick setting and reduces cracks in the finished surface, therefore, the construction is successfully completed in less duration if you use C-Max in your cement.

As per our customers and users, C-Max is a one-time solution for their construction problems, you can use it once and just forget about water leakage and damping. It will save not only your hard earned money by helping with the best usage of cement but will also help us save water. It is not all monetary, C-Max also helps in time saving as it helps in finishing the project quicker than usual and providing you a solid and crack-free finish. You should not go on and buy it just by going through our words and therefore, we have proper checks and test certificate for our product, C-Max is certified as per IS 2645-2003 and is also tested and approved by National Test House, in Kolkata with the test certificate no. CE/05/519.

C-Max is one of the pioneer product of our brand and the construction industry, it performs exceptionally well in terms of water proofing, time effectiveness and optimal usage of cement. If you are planning to build your dream house or project and want a quick and one stop solution chemical, then, C-Max was developed for you only. Contact us on @09312705186 or email at vividindia@gmail.com and get your quotation today.
Vivid India chemicals helps you to create a waterproof wall around your house giving you a comprehensive 360 degree solution for all your waterproofing needs.


24 August, 2022