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Cement Admixture Waterproofing Chemical in India

C-MAX is certified as per ISO 2645-2003 and essentially a solution of micro fines mineral particles as well as some nano ceramics in Phenolic Acrylates. This is a proprietary product of SRL, developed in co-operation with Dr. Volker In der Wiesche, Germany. These nano ceramics and micro fine materials give additional strength, water proofing and anti-efflorescence treatment to the concrete blocks & wall surface.

Advantages of C-Max

• C-MAX makes cement concrete quick setting.

• It expands surface area of cement, so that concrete becomes more compact and thus reduces the porosity of concrete.

• It is excellent concrete strengthening material.

• Reduces water demand of the cement mortar by 30-40%.

• As the increased surface area retains more water, this helps in curing the cement and also takes care of deficient curing schedule in water starved areas.

• C-MAX reduces cement-water ratio, which produces denser, less porous concrete, hence, minimizing water permeability. Low permeability of concrete keeps water, chloride ions and gases out of the concrete, thus, retarding corrosion of reinforced steel bars, crack,, honey combing, etc.

• Usually in hardened cement concrete, micro cracks appear. But interaction of C-MAX (Polymeric additive mixture), bridges the micro gaps and promotes stronger cement aggregate and improved compressive strength.

Cement Admixture Waterproofing Chemical

C-Max is a polymeric additive for cement and it is called C-Max, because, it maximizes the cement surface area and it makes use of each and every particle of cement for the purpose of its use. C-MAX is not only a binder, but also one of the best water proofing agents. Due to this binding capability, after manufacturing and during storage, the finer grains mingle with each other and give the cement a dense structure. Once the polymer, i.e. C-Max is added, each and every grain is loosened and the same cement occupies more area and this can be shown very easily in an experiment, taking two glasses of water, wherein, same quantity of cement is added. In one glass, add C-Max as recommended, stir it and see the results for yourself.

The addition of C-Max (@1% of Cement), causes the fine grains of cement to get coagulated. The sliding action of particles increases the surface area and also enhances smoothness of cement particles.

Procedure for Application of C-MAX

Add C-MAX in water (50% of required water) and mix well. Use it to make the required mixture of sand, cement and chips.

a. For concrete roofing and grouting : 1% of cement

b. For washing brick surfaces before plastering : 2% of water

c. For plastering : 1% of cement

What C-Max can do?

1. By adding C-MAX (@1% of Cement), water demand in the cement is reduced and the cement colloids travel to fill up all the voids and produce a compact and dense concrete mass.

2. C-MAX will help in faster construction, as the de-shuttering can be done between 15-16 days (5 days less than what is required without C-MAX), instead of minimum 21 days in normal condition and for the spans below 10 ft. to 11 ft, de-shuttering can be done within 7-8 days.

3. Increases Cement workability, which results in 10% to 15% of additional coverage.

4. Additional coverage area tantamount to reduction in cement usage, i.e. direct cost saving.

5. If you add C-Max, then the cement surface area increases & penetrates in to all these pores and reduces the porosity. If test of water absorption is done on these Blocks of cement made, water absorption is reduced up to 52% or say permeability of Block is reduced. It can be tested as per IS-2645 & we have test results from National Test House, vide Test Certificate No.CE/05/519, dated 31/03/2006 code no. 0603750/20.

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27 July 2022