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TUFFCRETE is an Acrylic Latex base Cement Additive, to be mixed with Grey Cement / White Cement and Water in recommended proportion. It imparts impermeable film, which does not allow the water to seep in through either horizontal / vertical walls & concrete structures.


    One part of TUFFCRETE should be mixed with Cement, C-MAX and Water in the ratio of 1:4:0.1:7, i.e. 1 kg. TUFFCRETE mixed with 4 kgs. of Cement and 40 gm C-Max (1% of Cement) and 7 litres of Water make the slurry and apply this slurry by Brush or any other method, used for application of paints.


    Excellent compressive, flexural, impact, adhesive strength and resistance to abrasion. Ambient cure, no excessive hydrating water is required as TUFFCRETE retains gauging water in the system, sufficient for cement curing. Can be used on moist surface but no pool water, water puddles or condensed free water film should be present.

    Works as penetrating sealant, which retards corrosion of reinforced steel bars.

    Reduces salt penetration, retards carbonation of concrete surface hence, retards salt petre formation. Good bonding between old & new concrete.

    Resistance to Ultra-Violet rays and chemicals.

    Excellent breath ability allows trapped water vapors to escape.

    It imparts hard impermeable film within 1 hour of application.

    Multiple coats of this makes the concrete completely impermeable and you can even make terrace garden on the roofs. Coating cost is very low, as water is the thinner. However, please ensure to use soft or distilled water. It is Eco-friendly coating.

    Coverage area of the Slurry (with White Cement) is 150 sq.ft. when applied with 1Kg Tuffcrete in 1:4:0.1:7 ratio. The coverage area of the Slurry ( with Grey Cement ) is 200sq.ft when applied with 1Kg Tuffcrete in 1:4:0.1:7 ratio. Slight variation is possible depending on the surface on which the coating is applied. It can be used with White Cement for application in the Exterior Walls of the Building and this will improve the life of the Building, because, water will not be passing through the walls.

    This coating also can be used on Ceramic Pipelines as well as Cement Hume-pipes to make them less porous and impermeable. If applied on reinforcing steel bars, it will make them corrosion resistant. It can be used in bathroom & kitchen tile jointing.


    Usually mixers are used but can be hand mixed. Mixing should always be done at site before use.
    Surface should be clean, free of dust oil, grease and loose particles.
    Use within 3-4 hours of mixing. Should be protected from rain for at least six hours.


    For leaking roofs, if the crack size is bigger, then apply TUFFCRETE through Bandage System on the roof and after that, give a screed of 25 mm. to 30 mm. with addition of C-MAX to achieve complete Water Proofing. Bandage system of TUFCRETE can also be used on Pipelines to avoid corrosion.


    20 Ltr

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