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Vivid India has a nation wide trading network for chemicals marketing and distribution. The company deals in import/export of Fluorescent Powder for FTL, MVL, SVL, Neon Signs and rare earth triband Fluorescent Powder for CFL, LEDs, Emitter Suspension / Cathode paste, Mercury, Golden Stamping Ink, Triband Phosphor, Capping Compound, N.C. Binders, Water soluble binders, Water based coating chemicals, Adenol, Dispex A40, Polyox WSRN 3000, ALKOX E-30/E-45/E-160, Termisol, Odour purifiers, Thermal and Radiation coatings for better living.

We are distributor and stockists of various imported chemicals like:

Photo Luminiscent powder

Night glow coatings

Road side markings

Night vision paints

Tinted transparent top coats

Photoluminiscent Pigment Fx Night Glow LGY-1

Lumiuous Pigment in all colors

Thermochromic Master Batch Pigments

 Fluorescent Brightners

Optical brightening agent

Water base Glue Brightner

Ultraviolet Light absorber pigments

Reflective Luminuous Ceramic Paints

Calcium Carbide

 Mango riper, Banana riper

Neem Oil, Neem Extract Powder, Neem Cake, Neemauri / नीमौरी

Strontium Aluminate Phosphorescent - Night Glow Pigment in all colors

We stock and distribute various products from China and India. BRIGHT CHEM Ahemadabad, INTECH ORCHEM PRIVATE LTD. Vapi to supplement our product range and to fulfil our client expectations of epoxy-based adhesives, rust inhibitors, anti-corrosion coatings, sprays, Phosphate salts and Emulsion polymers. Sreechem ResinsWe are distributor for SREECHEM RESINS LTD in North India. SREECHEM Resins Limited is manufacturer for more than three decades for many chemicals with multi locational plants at Orissa, Chattisgarh & office at Kolkata. They have collaboration of various coatings with U.K. and German companies. Thermal insulation and anti heat radiation coating for better living: Anti corrosive coatings, wood coatings, water proofing ceramic coatings for refrigerated trucks and thermal insulating cermaic coatings, rust inhibotrs, Emulsion polymers like C-Max, Tuffcrete, White Knight Ecotouch, Blackcoat, Topcoat Special, and Topcoat 4045.

Our products are used in lot of industries and business houses.

Goverment Institutes

Housing Boards

Many reputed Hotels

Top rated Hotels


Rubber Industries

Metal Treatment

Neon Sign Industries

Automobile manufacturers