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Buy Tuffcrete at a Reasonable Price

Vivid India is a chemical manufacturer in India that has a nationwide trading network for chemicals marketing and distribution. The group deals in Fluorescent Powder for FTL, CFL, MVL, SVL, and Neon Signs, Emitter Suspension / Cathode paste, Capping Compound, Gold Stamping Ink, N.C. Binder, Water-based coating chemicals; Odour purifiers, Thermal and Radiation coatings for better living.


Vivid India Chemicals was established in 1983 as the first factory that manufactured the best Construction Chemicals all over India. We deliver the best waterproofing chemicals for Roof, Water Tank, and Terrace & Bathrooms & Walls. With more than 37+ Years of Experience in the Chemical Industry, the inevitable restructuring took place in 2002 under Vivid India, best chemical manufacturer in India.



It is an acrylic latex polymeric crystalline hydrophilic in nature. It acts as a cement additive, to increase adhesive bonding, strength for waterproofing, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance of cement mortar, and excellent adhesion and protection with steel and concrete. It imparts impermeable film, which does not allow the water to sleep in through either horizontal/vertical walls or concrete structures.


In ambient cure, no excessive hydrating water is required as Tuffcrete retains gauging water in the system that is sufficient for cement curing. Tuffcrete can be used on a moist surface but no pool water, water puddles, or condensed tree water film should be present. The coatings of Tuffcrete because it is very low, as water is thinner. However, please ensure to use salt or distilled water and it is an Eco-friendly coating. You can buy tuffcrete at a reasonable price from vivid india chemicals.


Problem Arising:

Normally, there is a problem, when the source of seepage/dampness is not traced or identified and you need to stop your walls from moisture/dampness. Because of the water seepage, your costly paints peels off & the rooms look very dirty and shabby due to saltpetre formation. Besides this, the moisture brings a bad smell and, efflorescence, which is un-hygienic.



One part of Tuffcrete should be mixed with Cement and water in a ratio of 1:4:5, i.e. 1kg Tuffcrete mixed with 4 kg Cement (with 1% of C-Max) and 5 Ltr. of water. Make the slurry and apply this slurry by brush or any other method. It covers 100-150 sq. ft. per liter depending on the type of surface. You can buy tuffcrete at a reasonable price from vivid india chemicals.


What TuffCrete can do?

Reduces salt penetration, retards carbonation of concrete surface hence, retards saltpetre formation. Enables good bonding between old & new concrete. It is an Eco-friendly coating that is resistant to Ultra-Violet rays and chemicals. Excellent breathability allows trapped water vapors to escape. It imparts hard impermeable film within 1 hour of application.


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19 April 2022